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Teacher VR Editor

A Web based VR Composer/Editor enable fast development of VR educational content

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Students can download the VR viewer "binoo" from the iOS or Play store.

EDU2VR provides an immersive teaching and learning platform that  actively engages students in learning. It is  a scalable cloud based framework to build and distribute educational content in virtual spaces. Deployable worldwide in a short time frame. A constantly extending library of educational content can be accessed. Third party content can be integrated as well as educational content owned/created by the user. It is developed to minimize the hardware overhead; it relies mainly on pre-existing hardware like devices with web browsing capability and modern cell phones. This enables educational services to access VR enhanced teaching/learning with minimum investment. An easy and scaleable start into VR for all educational institutes. Additionally, we have developed dedicated hardware solutions to provide a hassle free plug and play VR labs. Download our latest flyer

The EDU2VR experience: Starting your virtual reality class is simple. Just log into  (to explore the VR builder you can register for free). Customize your VR class with resources from our library or your own resources. You can upload 360 degree pictures into our servers or stream 360 degree YouTube videos or your own videos. Choose from pre existing 3D models. Create fascinating classes with the platoria of customization, assessment and editing tools available in the online VR builder.

If you are happy go LIVE with your class. You have two options to present the content. In the first option the students explore your class with their cellphones from anywhere. Ideally the cell phones should be attached to a Google Card Board type headset. There are hundreds of low cost, but comfortable headsets available on the market. In the second scenario you will be able to guide students actively through your class, communicate with them, emphasise on important features with your virtual laser pointer and get a direct feedback through rating and status participation.

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Binoo Presenter

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Binoo Viewer


Binoo Viewer


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