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Demo & Tutorials

Learn how to use binoo!

Step 1 - Create an Account

Hello, let’s start by registering an account on binoo Presenter! Click here to sign up

Anyone who registered can log in immediately to check out our demo lectures, you may use them as examples as to how to plan or design your own lectures and classes.

Once logged in for the first time, you should see the dashboard for the demos.

You should get to see your dashboard similar to above screenshot.

We have a tutorial video on the right for instructions after you have created your account if you prefer.

Step 2 - What is your lecture about?

Now that you got to your Dashboard, you can create lectures either to share with other lecturers or you can keep it on your personal work space. Lectures created in your personal work space can only be accessed with your own account.

If your Dashboard is completely new, think of the appropriate course name, subject and lecture name for your new lecture!

Step 3 - Creating your Lecture

When you enter the Lecture, you will automatically be in Edit Mode and see the modules you can select for your lecture.

There are 6 select-able modules; Slides, 3D Model, Room, Wave Simulation, Video, Terrain.

Click here for details on the module.

There is the option to add LUA scripts within Room modules as well, these scripts, for example, can help you add games ,models or other messages for your students to interact with.

binoo scripting examples and documentation here

You can upload assets primarily in the Room Module, like images, audio or even PDFs!

You can upload 360 panoramic images for your photosphere and access it from the “Select a Photosphere” icon and in your My Uploads folder

Step 4 - Preparing before the Lecture

First, make sure your students had already downloaded the app on their phones and customized their name. This helps to log data from when they answer quizzes and etc.

Please note that binoo is an app that requires Google Cardboard and hence will only work with phones that has gyroscope. You can read through this link to find out more.

Next, you either let your students do a self-pace lecture where they pick when and where to go within the lecture without your control OR you click  “START CLASS” at the top right corner of the browser so that you may mostly control what the students get to see during the lecture.

Make sure their smartphones are connected to the internet and have your students input the  ID that is shown on the top of the lecture.

As you have noticed, there are 2 parts to the ID, the first part is the number your account is given to ensure that your student enters the correct live lecture. If you plan to have them do a self-paced lecture, they only need to input the second part of the ID and leave .

After making sure your students have their headsets worn and ready, Click the Start Class button on the top left of the web app

Step 5 - Running your Lecture

5a. - What to do during a Live class?

During a live Class,

You may click the modules on the Sidebar all the way on the left to switch the students between modules.

In Slides Module, click the big arrow to back and forth, and you can also run quizzes and decide on the duration of the quizzes before starting.

In Wave Simulation Module, You can create parameters that simulate waves and task your students on the amplitude of the wave the duck model provided.

In Room Module, you can “teleport” all your students to a specific photosphere by clicking the small icon at the top right of the photosphere thumbnail.

In Video Module, you can play and pause the video. If your video is not 360, you can click on different spots of the video screen to point out areas to students.

In 3D Model Module, you can turn the model around so that the students can see exactly what you want them to see. you can also click on areas to point out for them.

5b. - What to do during a Self-Paced class?

During a self-paced Class,

Students can switch between modules by looking up to search for the Top Menu and selecting the arrow buttons.

In Slides Module, they can select the big arrows next to their slides to go back and forth, they will not be able to run the quizzes in the self paced mode.

In Wave Simulation Module, They can still look around and check out the wave you created beforehand.

In Room Module, the students will still have the same experience but you as the teacher will not be able to “teleport” all your students to a specific photosphere.

In Video Module, They can play and pause the video.

In 3D Model Module, your students will see only one view.

You have to use a 360 camera for video and photo. For example, binoo currently uses cameras such as gopros and Magicsee P3

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