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You can explore our presenter and editor platform. Upload your own content or use the content available in our library. Create your classes and lectures and make them available for your students / friends / colleagues. Just register under and get started…….  Check out the tutorial

Cloud Based Solution

Your educational institute have access to your own workspace for lectures. This is either only accessible to you, or you share it with your colleagues. We’ll provide special packages with pre-build content for you and your colleagues to use. All classes are available to edit and modify with your content. For example, uploading 360 degree videos and 360 rooms is done with few clicks. You can add quizzes within the VR content, construct complex and nonlinear story lines, or even build your own games with just a few clicks. Full classes can be shared between the users, as well as downloaded and uploaded again. If you want to build your course from the scratch, you are again a click away. Our VR library is extended continuously with relevant material to the benefit of everyone in your institution. (For inquiries contact us or by email

Binoo - The VR viewer

You students can download the free Android or iOS based viewers (no hidden costs!) from here. Combining modern cell phones with comfortable card board type headsets are already powerful mobile VR devices. The students will be fully immersed in the class. The mobile phone based approach eases the burden of expensive hardware. Thus makes VR affordable for schools and educational institutes. Our economical solution can distribute content to hundreds of students simultaneously. If you have already hardware, use it with Binoo. However if you need new hardware we offer dedicated headsets particularly suited for the needs of your educational environment.


Economic Solution

We provide VR Headsets for the use with modern cell phones especially suited for educational environments. Besides comfort and quality, the simplicity in usage is the most striking features. Students will just download the free Binoo Viewer-App on their cell phones and are free to explore the immersive virtual reality environment. (contact us for pricing)

All in one Solution

Our standalone mobile VR viewer is a compact, robust and simple solution. It combines the economic approach above into one single device. The 2k resolution will provide an impressive immersion in the vR class. This solution is of interest for small to medium sized classes where a headset for everyone can be provided.  (contact us for pricing )

The EDU2VR framework allows large flexibility on how VR lectures are taking place, they may run in a self-paced student-controlled mode or controlled by the teacher in a class setting or even over the internet. The teacher has control on the VR module, can point to specific locations in 360-degree videos and 360-degree photospheres, send text messages, teleport students to specific rooms, send voice messages and much more. While in self-paced mode the students can take its own time to explore the scene.

Download the PDF-Manual here!

Course Design / Workshops

VR Curriculum Design

We are working with educators on all levels for the design and implementation of VR enhanced content in courses. Our services include individualized full course design and content development. We prepare 360 degree photo / video material. Create simulations and visualization of concepts which compatible with our cloud VR teaching platform. Please contact us for sample lectures.

Workshops / Training courses

We hold structured  workshops to enable educators to prepare and embed VR content in their courses. Also online workshops with overseas partners are possible.