Professional services and Industry can benefit from VR assisted learning dramatically. Our economic VR platform allows efficient deployment of VR training content. Using VR assisted training will not only enhance the training outcome but also cut down on cost on training personnel and downtime of equipment used for training.

Training Standarized Processes

Training new employers on standardized processes can be expansive and decreases the productivity. Using VR assisted learning the training program can be automized and even shifted to after work hours.

VR Orientation Training

Using VR complex machinery and unfamiliar environments can be introduced making the learning process more efficient and reduces the downtime of any equipment due to training. Furthermore emergency procedures can be visualized so the employee is fully aware of the situation in extreme situations.

Immersive Safety Training

The usage of virtual reality in Safety Training is of up most importance. Emergency scenarios can be imersivly visualized. Employees can familiarize them self, first hand on the procedures and potential hazards and learn how to maintain a safe work environment.

We provide integrated solutions compromising of an efficient deployment of VR educational content and necessary hardware infrastructure.  Contact us for further information.